What is "Yehro"?

Yehro is a platform that provides health, personal, beauty & entertainment services all over , right in the comfort of your home. Whether you are looking to hire a personal singer for family night, or wanting to get your hair done without having to look decent for the public eye, Yehro is there to take care of it.

What is our purpose?

After the world changed from the COVID-19, small businesses have struggled to keep afloat. This being the situation, it has become greatly inconvenient for both the customer and owner. Yehro was created in the solution to help owners, and give a convenient solution to how you receive services. In general, services were always something people had to go out of their way to get, whether it cost you transportation-wise, or having to bring your needs to the public eye. It's time services come to you.

Who is our team?

Alexandra Smith | Main Developer

The goal of Yehro is to be as effecient as a package provider, when it comes to people. The goal isn't to deter physical shopping of services, but to make them much more accessible. After spending time looking at the way certain cities like Bangkok ran, the idea of having Yehro doesn't seem impossible. I believe that every business or personal freelancer should have a platform online. Whether via website or hosting online.